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Into the Unknown

You’ve heard the whispers or the ringing in your ears. You’ve felt the hair raising on your arms. The tickle in your hair. You’ve seen the same numbers over and over, 111, 222, or 444, and more. You wake up at the same time each morning somewhere between 3:00 and 5:00AM. You find white feathers around your home. Pennies in the strangest places.

Maybe it scares you. Maybe you question if your experiences are real. Maybe you don’t trust what you are hearing and seeing.

I was walking into town Friday morning and heard the song “Into the Unknown” by feat and Aurora, part of the Frozen 2 soundtrack. I listened to the lyrics and had to laugh. The lyrics describe exactly how I felt the first time I heard the whispers in my ear. I thought, maybe I’m going crazy. I remember asking what kind of mistake I would be making if I followed the whispers into the unknown, into the Spirit World.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, 3 of my Grandparents died weeks apart. When my daughter was 6 months old, my Grandmother passed away. After my Grandmother passed, I remember very clearly, I was on a business trip and sleeping in my hotel room bed. I rolled over and opened my eyes and swore I saw Grandmother Rose laying next to me staring into my eyes. And then I heard her whispers in my ears. I thought I was going crazy. I was scared. It was as if I were moving into the unknown – the Spirit World, Summerland, Heaven. The harder I tried to block out her voice, the more I heard her.

So, I decided to begin studying the afterlife. Which led me to the Spirit World. Which led me to stories written by the most well-known and renowned international Mediums. Which then led me to choose a few and study with them.

The fear turned into my greatest adventure. Which turned into my wildest dreams coming true. As the song lyrics go – I felt my power grow – translated into ‘I raised my vibrations’ high enough to speak to my departed loved ones, friends’ loved ones – which led me to what I do every single day – helping my clients to heal and move through their grief, just by helping them to believe that their departed loved ones are right next to them.

We are energy clothed in our physical bodies. Once our physical body dies, our energy lives on. It’s quite miraculous and beautiful. Nothing to fear.

Don’t be afraid to move into your unknown. Surrender to the whispers in your ears. Surrender to the signs and symbols that you see on a daily basis. Surrender to Your Power – to the Magic – Pure – Ethereal – Mystic.

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