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"Robyn is highly professional and equally intuitive. She is caring and grounded. It's quite amazing when a person who knows little about you, tells you details that are virtually unknown to anyone, are unique, and can't be made up or looked up. I am not sure what most people's expectations would be of an experience like this, but I highly recommend you try it before being skeptical or reticent. It is rather awesome."

"I had my 1st phone reading with Robyn, and I felt like I was in the room. She is very gifted and I have 100% faith in what she tells me. I trust her immensely. I have had readings in the past with other people, and most of the time I felt that they were feeding off of what I was saying and not actually using any power. With Robyn, I knew almost right away that the reading was real and very spot on."

"I met Robyn by chance. I was at a bad place and you know how they say God gives you what you need! I never had my cards read before. I had no idea if this would help. Robyn was amazing and told me things I have not shared with people! I couldn't believe it! Things she has told me that we're going to happen are falling into place! Fantastic personality and wonderful caring person! Thank you Robyn!!!!!!!"

"Wow! I just got my first reading with Robyn and it was everything I was hoping for and more! She knew things that she had no way of knowing and she really gave me clarity on things that I've been struggling with. I feel like this reading was very healing and that it gave me something to look forward too. Robyn is the real deal! She is kind and knowledgeable. I look forward to next time and will be referring others to her as well! Thank you so much!"

"Robyn is really amazing. she does a great job connecting spirit and our people on the other side with us. She uses a lot of information and evidence to prove that those people know that we would recognize that evidence. her readings are amazing, insightful, can be humorous, caring, and just hopeful and uplifting. You ever feel like no one's in your corner here on Earth trust me you always have lots of people in your corner from Spirit side. Robyn does a great job making and helping with that connection for any of us."

"Robyn, it was a pleasure to speak to you yesterday and my reading with you was excellent! I felt so calm and relaxed all evening, slept like a baby through the night and awoke feeling peaceful and full of love and energy! Thank you so much for everything and we will talk again!"

"She's excellent....met me that day ......I told a friend of mine something I wanted to hear in the reading .......not only did she tell me exactly what I wanted ......but she knew one knew and we'd met for the first time...!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!"

Robyn, since I first met her in Columbia, MD, has always shown integrity and sincerity in all of her work. This is clearly her life purpose and she has helped me tremendously in my own practice to remain ethical and work with integrity which can be difficult in the industry that we work in. My gifts have grown in leaps and bounds because of her teachings thus far. She is down to earth, honest and compassionate and her readings are accurate. Book a private session for psychic or mediumship readings or train under her. You won’t regret it."

"Robyn leads incredibly disciplined evidential mediumship circles of the highest standard and takes a great interest in her students. Her exercises are informative, fun, and innovative. She places a great emphasis on ethics and emphasizes the sacred and healing aspects of mediumship. She loves her craft and passes on an abundance of information all the time. She wants her students to succeed and shares in our victories and provides us the help we need on our weaknesses."

"Robyn is an amazing mentor! I have been doing Robyn's mediumship as well as the psychic class for the last few months, after she did very accurate and helpful readings for me and my daughter. Robyn's mediumship classes are very informative and insightful, she takes the time to answer questions and address concerns, and has a lot of practice using different methods. The evidential mediumship we are learning helps me in growing stronger and more confident and trusting in myself more. I look forward to learning more and more in her classes! Her psychic classes help me to develop my intuition and grow and trust in my sixth sense and validate what I am seeing."

"I just wanted to say thank you to Robyn for all she has done for me.  I have been a student of Robyn’s for almost a year and really enjoy the class she teaches through Zoom.  I am unable to take classes in person so for me this has been perfect.  She has helped awaken a part of me I wasn’t sure existed.  I have had over my lifetime what I now know are connections with the spirit world and past loved ones.   When I first started the class I was nervous.  I worried about failing.  But Robyn will not let you feel that way. She is very supportive and encouraging.  She truly made me feel welcome.  Class is something I look forward to each week.  Not only am I learning but we have fun while we learn.  I love her teaching style.  She keeps the energy levels high and positive.  She will push me out of my comfort zone it seems just when I need it.  I feel very blessed to have met her and am honored to be a student in her class."  

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