30-Minutes: $100

One Hour: $150


With much gratitude and love, it is my honor to connect you to your departed loved ones. I can help you to receive guidance from your loved ones that have left the physical world or to just speak with them.

If you have questions about your past, present and future, I can intuitively guide you, asking for the highest and best direction, information, and resolution.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Robyn should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  You must be 18 years of age to use this service, or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. Refunds are not given for cancellations less than 48 hours.




30-Minutes: $40

One Hour: $85


30-Minutes: $30

One Hour: $60

Experience a wonderful Reiki healing session with Robyn. Reiki healing energy initiates the natural healing ability of the body, and thereupon helps correct the mind. Reiki has been scientifically shown to decrease pain levels, speed healing, and relax the mind and body. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

During a Reiki healing treatment, a client lies on a Reiki table fully clothed. The practitioner then places their hands lightly on the body (or slightly above) in a sequence of pre-determined hand placements depending on the needs of the person. Reiki will flow to where it is needed most.

The healing energy is very relaxing, comforting and peaceful and during a treatment you may experience heat, tingles, twitching, a floating sensation, heaviness, sleepiness, peacefulness and/or deep relaxation. Experiences can differ from person-to-person, and also from
session-to-session, but there is always beneficial effects. 

Distance Reiki works just as well as in-person Reiki healing sessions. Reiki can be sent to an upsetting or traumatic event in the past and start healing how we feel about that event, or to an event in the future to create an uplifting feeling about that event.

Animals are naturally intuitive, and most respond well to distance Reiki treatment sessions as well.

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Phone, Zoom or Facetime



A cord is a negative energetic structure that ties you and another person together. Cord-cutting is a spiritual healing process that energetically severs that negative attachment between you and another person so that the shadow of that past relationship does not hang over you or affect your behavior in the present.

Cords can be formed with lovers, spouses (exes and present), children, parents, siblings, close friends, sexual abusers, any sexual partners. Cords can even be formed with clients, teachers, bosses, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances.

Are you easily angered? Do you see images or have thoughts of someone that is annoying you? Do you feel emotionally blocked? Are you having trouble finding your purpose, career, or the life you want? Are you having trouble finding financial stability? Repeated negative patterns?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, allow me to walk you through a spiritual cord cutting meditation and ceremony.

past life regression.jpg

During your session we will begin with a discussion on the significance of past life awareness and reincarnation as it pertains to one’s spiritual evolution and development. The gifts, healing and soul evolution that can come out of past life awareness will also be discussed.
You will be gently guided through a past life regression session.

During the session you may be shown insights into the previous lives that you have lived in order to understand prior incarnations as it applies to your current life. You may discover lessons to be learned and achieved during this incarnation as well as an understanding of greater gifts, family, and social connections.

There will be time at the end to discuss and to ask questions regarding your experiences.


Phone, Zoom or Facetime


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Everything is Energy. Energy is Alive. Everything is Connected. You are a Soul – You are Energy – clothed in a physical body.

The Awakening of the Soul arises from the heart. Your soul is the center of our being and the heart radiates love. You can communicate with your soul through your thoughts, dreams and feelings. By connecting to your soul, you can begin healing the root cause of your fears and blocks, bringing inner peace and fulfillment.

By opening to the love we hold in our hearts, we awaken our soul. The more we embrace that love, the more we are able to experience the light and wisdom of the soul – gratitude, joy, flow, ease.

During your session I will guide you through different techniques to help you become one with your soul. Your soul is boundless, infinite, and eternal.

The essence of the Soul is Love.