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Welcome! I specialize in evidential mediumship & psychic readings. My clients work with me via Phone, Facetime and Zoom from all over the world, and in-person in my office in Vienna, VA. Additionally, I teach various psychic development and mediumship workshops in Virginia, as well as on Zoom. 

I began seeing spirit at two years of age. As a small child, I loved seeing the future, and astral travelling all over the universe. I never thought of it as being a big deal. Of course, I never knew that I was born a medium, until I began going to The Journey Within in New Jersey. Once I learned that I was blessed with this gift, I began receiving my spiritual training with renowned International Mediums.


Life is Continuous. Love Never Dies. It is one of my greatest pleasures to be able to bring your departed loved ones to you. It is a great gift to be able to validate to you that your loved ones are still standing by your side, leaving you their gifts from heaven.