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Empower Yourself through Grief

What is Grief? Grief can be so many things. It can be the passing of a loved one. Or the loss of a relationship. The loss of a pet. The loss of a job. Heartbreak. Grief can leave you feeling unattached or ungrounded from yourself.

Take a journey through Grief with us. During this 5-week, in-person workshop, we will examine and learn new ways to navigate through grief. Talking. Meditating. Writing. Shadow work. Each week, we will take you through different avenues to explore the Grieving process and bring you back to a place of strength.

When: February 17. February 24. March 3. March 10. March 24.
Time: 7:00 – 9:00PM

Place: Element Tree Essentials (12 1/2 Wall Street, Asheville - walk up the stairs and go to Suite K)

Call Robyn at 917-453-7900 if you have a problem finding it and I will come down to meet you.

Cost: $15 suggested donation (to pay for room rental)


Be sure to bring a notebook and pen. We can’t wait to see you!