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I am one of 48 mediums who co-authored this book.

Just published September 14, 2020!

Order through Amazon or email me for an autographed copy!

Read the true stories of mediumship, the afterlife, and messages from heaven.

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Join us on a magical journey of the soul, where professional mediums from around the world share their experiences of the afterlife and spirit communication. The stories in this book provide validation that our soul continues to survive, long after the death of our physical body. Our departed loved ones are not gone; they are alive and well in the Spirit World. They continue to watch over us, supporting and guiding from the Other Side. You can learn to connect with them through mediumship, spirit signs and synchronicities.


Whether you are a believer in the afterlife or an open-minded skeptic, these stories allow you to experience loss and grief from a different perspective. Death and dying are not final, but a spiritual transition to another realm. When your divine time comes, know that your loved ones will be there to greet you. Love Never Dies!


EDITORIAL REVIEWS:"A Captivating, enlightening, heartfelt, compassionate, honest, joyful and uplifting read. A must for anyone wondering what happens when we die" Angie Morris, Medium & Arthur Findlay Tutor

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