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Honor Your Soul

Do you consider yourself to be on a spiritual journey?

What is the Soul?

The Soul is the spiritual part of a human being or animal. The Soul is regarded as immortal emotional energy, inhabiting the physical body and acting through it. The spark of the life force connected to all things. The Soul is not your mind or your brain.

We were soul beings before we were born. We are soul beings now. We will be soul beings after we leave this planet. Every single human being is on a spiritual journey.

Your Soul is your intuitive connection. The goose bumps you feel when you meet someone. The text or phone call you receive from a friend just after you thought about them. The sense that something isn’t right. The knowing when someone you care about is hurting. This is the realm of the Soul. Your Soul gives you your calling.

Have you ever asked yourself where your journey is taking you?

Your personal spiritual journey requires you to become emotionally aware and to make responsible choices. It is essential that you align your personality with your Soul. As you become aware of your emotions, make responsible choices. Create with the intentions of your Soul.

As you begin to understand your spiritual journey, you can then begin to consciously explore the purpose, direction and meaning of your life. Every choice you make announces your intentions to the universe. As you become aware, only then can you challenge and change the intentions that have set the scope of your journey. As you awaken, you can make more conscious choices and begin to align with your Soul.

Ask yourself:

Are my daily choices driven by unconscious habits, fears, doubts and insecurities?

Are my daily choices driven by love and trust, knowing the universe supports me in my deepest intentions?

Do my choices incorporate harmony and devotion for life?

Do my choices honor my body, my relationships, my world, and my soul?

Are the choices I am making creating authentic power for my soul?

Are the choices I am making place my power outside of myself, causing me to look for other people, places and things for power, approval, purpose and direction?

How do I honor my Soul? Honor your Soul by following your dreams. Listen to your whispers.

Let go of thoughts that go like this – “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not worthy.” “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

Step beyond the social framework. Find your buzz, your calling, your sweet spot. Feel joy for life. Feel free. Do that thing just because you can. Nurture yourself.

Honor your Soul and find the synchronicities of life. Find the joy. Be in the moment. Allow yourself the freedom to dream. Look around you. Smile with your heart and your mind. Treat yourself to that coffee, to lie outside in the grass, to walk barefoot on the sand, to go for a walk, or drive with the music blasting. Allow life to flow in the moment and feel the most amazing experiences and opportunities. Do what makes you happy.

In Love, Light & Peace,



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