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Hawaii Retreat

Tapping Into Your Soul
Connecting to the "I AM" and Nature's Healing Power

with Hydee Tehana, Lisa Denning and Robyn Wolf

September 29 to October 4, 2024 

Kona, Hawaii


Many of us are ready to remember that there is so much more beyond this Earthly realm that we came to experience and play in. More and more divine, cosmic light pours onto this planet, inviting us to dive deeper within ourselves...invoking that curious, child-like spirit that we had as young children. Are you ready to dive deeper into the higher frequencies of KNOWING that comes from within?

Mother Nature brings us back home with her sounds, love, and extensive light that is constantly radiating love, joy, harmony, and balance. Mother Nature is a portal which brings you back into yourself as you allow yourself to open and be guided. Humanity is remembering our connection to the whole. This is an exceptional time to come to Hawaii to be with the energy of the land along with the ocean beings as they have many messages for humanity and fill our hearts with joy. Being in the island energy will help you to relax and rejuvenate your heart and soul while bathing in the beauty of Mother Nature.

In this divinely inspired, experiential retreat, we will swim in the ocean, enjoy food from our farm, cacao ceremony, artistic opportunities, psychic readings, farm tour, meditations, sharings, discussions, and teachings on many topics including: connecting and listening to Mother Nature and within; working with the 4 elements of water, Earth, air, and fire; our mind-created Earth reality; communicating with trees, plants, rocks, crystals, animals, and our ancestors. We will be on the boat for 3 of the days and will swim with our ocean friends. On 2 of the days, we will be at our farm, TeHana Ohana.

Price: $2,111


3 boat trips including 2 exclusive mornings with the cetaceans and our ocean friends, 1 evening boat trip/swim with the Manta Rays, 2 days on our land (TeHana Ohana), teachings/discussions, readings, beach day, meditations, and sharings. Not included: Air fare, accommodations, transportation, and some meals.


More Information: email Lisa Denning at

Deposit to hold your spot: $500

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