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Embrace Your Adventure

Pause for a few moments. Put on some reflective music. Breathe. Let your breath carry you deep within yourself. Imagine you are taking a flight to your favorite place. Feel the roaring power of the engines sweeping you steadily upward into the clouds. Where are you going? Where will it lead you? Welcome to the adventure of your lifetime. How will it be for you?

Embrace your adventure. You have stepped into unknown territory. It is exhilarating. You feel so alive.

Are you afraid? Anxious? It's okay. It is normal for your mind to react, forming judgments about what it might all mean. Will I be hurt? Will I die? It's okay. From the moment you were conceived, your life was already on a journey preparing you for your passing over into the Spirit World. It is completely natural. Embrace it. Feel into your fear. It is a magical doorway into infinite vastness on the other side. Contemplate that; feel into it. Isn’t it inconceivable? Breathtaking? What incredible energy. Close your eyes. Visualize it. Feel it pouring through your veins.

Are you concerned about loss? Of losing your loved ones? Your favorite possessions? Your job? Your habitat? It's an illusion! Loss is not possible, for everything is enclosed within you. The love you feel is, and was, always in your heart. It's only your mind that weakens that feeling of connection and love, by needing it to be in a particular form - this way or that.

So what about change? Are you resistant to that? That is understandable, too. The ego likes predictability, it likes the soft comforts that soothe it. But in a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. Pause once more. Embrace that. Look for change, feel for it in your life. And let inevitable change confront and unravel the places you get tight, where you are still hanging on. Feel the ties unwinding and stripping away inside.

Keep going. Keep digging. Keep digging deep into all those areas which limit and restrict you. Visualize yourself taking your mask off. Feel as deep as you can into the moment. Penetrate it with intimate sensitivity. Explore - feel the tingling energy. Transcend yourself. As you do, pick up the flow of the moment. The moment which is now progressively rising and breaking through the foundations of your old reality. Like a flooding river bursting its banks. Let the current take you to where you need to go.

Your adventure of a lifetime - of all lifetimes. And you have a front row seat. You are going to witness the most spectacular sights imaginable. See reality the way it really is. As you break through your limitations, a rocketing feeling comes through you. Amazing power. Like a tsunami. Notice that your limitations are breaking. Let the energy increasingly surge through you. How do you feel?

Let the surge carry you to your passion. What makes you feel alive? What would you die for - do you know yet?

Find it, and then live for it, as if there is no tomorrow. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive - begin it now. Where you are. With exactly what you've got. You already have exactly what you need to begin. If you truly are in the flow of your passion, the right resources will come to meet you. Begin it. Now. This is the adventure of your lifetime!

It's time to spread your wings and fly. Find your way to the doorway. As much and as often as you can. There is no need to be afraid. And when you feel frightened, let that fear inspire you by pointing the way to where you now need to work. You can do it. You have always been meant to do it. This is your journey.

Go on. Give your journey a chance.

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