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The Healing Power of Animals

My daughter brought Tucker home to me when he was a year old. He came to me with a lot of fear and anger issues. We have worked through them for the last 8 years. Today he is 9 years old. Tucker has been such a source of joy and healing for me.

Our pets have such magnificent healing powers. They fill your home with love. They bring families together. Studies have shown that they can also improve your health – even lower your blood pressure.

Our dogs and cats are non-judgmental. Their love is unconditional. And this unconditional connection and bond between human and animal creates a sense of comfort. These unconditional bonds can even help reduce the heart rate and stress, inducing relaxation.

You can use your pet to heal by talking to him. Your pet will not judge you. This is a way to get everything off your chest. Pets can help you to feel understood, comforted, and secure. The vibrations created by a cat purring can be therapeutic for disease and can help reduce muscular aches and pains, and inflammation.

Play with and stroke your pet. The simple act of stroking has been scientifically proved to help reduce stress and kick start the immune system. Interacting with pets assists in promoting love and trust within relationships. Having a pet in your life can help you to be more loving and trusting in your personal life.

Our pets can also help us to stay fit! Tucker and I exercise together every single day – twice a day. We hike together. We meditate on our rock together.

Love your pet unconditionally and ensure that they are happy, safe, healthy and loved. This is the best way to receive healing from your pet. Animals can teach us so very much, if only we’d allow them to.

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