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Thoughts are Things - Things are Thoughts

What if I told you that thoughts are things? They are just as real as a baseball bat that you use to hit a baseball, the car you drive to work, and the sun in the sky. Thoughts cannot be seen, nor can they be measured. Thoughts are real things with real energy. They are not lifeless threads of nothingness, but have power and energy – just like energy or the wind.

We create our own thoughts. Thoughts are unstoppable. Let me pose a question to you – where does a thought come from? What if our brain is not a creator of thoughts? What if, in fact, our brain is more of a receiver, a sorter, a chooser? What if our thoughts come from another source, perhaps from somewhere within us, but did not originate in the brain itself? What if thoughts were originated in what the Buddhists call big mind, the quantum field that contains everything, all thought, all possibilities, all potentials?

Various people from all over the world come up with the same ideas at the same time. Does this mean that they are all creating the same thoughts, or does it mean they are all downloading the same thoughts at the same time?

There are many explanations about where thoughts come from. Indigenous people in the upper Amazon believe that all thoughts are in the air at any given time. They say we catch thoughts, often in the form of songs or designs that we can then use to help ourselves. Others believe that thoughts or ideas come from the sun.

Whatever the source of our thoughts, we need to sort through a constant stream of thoughts made available to us, and we need to choose what thoughts to have and which ones to reject. So, how do you decide the content of your personal mind?

There is no way to reveal the millions of thoughts that you reject, but these often determine your character. Why do you reject some thoughts, while others let them in and believe in them? One answer is that how you sort is determined by soul age, by basic values, and by experience, wisdom and maturity. Thoughts are sorted for love or for hate, for peace or for war, for acceptance or rejection, and so on and so forth. These thoughts manifest into your life story, what you are, how you behave.

Each one of us is responsible for our own thoughts, for how we each think. We are not victims of circumstance or victims of our own thoughts. If we do not take responsibility for our own thoughts, we become powerless, subject to the random moods of the world around us. If this does happen to be your position, then you will never feel safe or secure again. You will constantly subject yourself to anxiety and fear of what could or might happen. Each one of us has free will of our thoughts and the decisions we each make during this lifetime.

What can you do with the thoughts that you download? Many make it their life path to choose thoughts that powerfully influence and reshape their world and the world of others. You can select a thought that you want to strongly focus on, and then manifest it into a physical form. Through visualization, many healers, acting as conduits to the Infinite Intelligence, are able to reduce and disappear tumors in a person’s body, travel great distances in the blink of an eye, or grab a lost part and return it to the person’s psyche, making them whole once again. Through our thoughts we have the ability to disappear, relocate, talk to plants and animals, and to even reshape the weather patterns.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts travel. Thoughts manifest things. Thoughts influence physical reality in immediate ways. Thoughts allow one to do seemingly impossible things. Thoughts should be treated as truly powerful forces that may have far reaching consequences. They must be taken seriously. Thoughts have led humans to allow themselves to be vulnerable to hate and destructive intentions. The old adage, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,’ is not necessarily true. Words backed by harmful thoughts can hurt a great deal if delivered with intention and focus. Thoughts can make people sick; and on the other hand, thoughts expressed through words can heal.

Thoughts have power. They have the power to change and to mold. Your thoughts project your inner reality to those around you. You can tell by someone’s posture or demeanor by looking straight into their eyes. Every single moment of every single day, you project your thoughts out to the world, and to those around you. You attract things that are like the thoughts that you think. The power of your mind, of your thoughts, has the strength to get you to where ever you want to go. Mind is the master.

This pertains to the most important Universal Law – ‘The Law of Attraction.’ The Law of Attraction dictates that you will “attract” into your life whatever you are offering “vibrationally.”

Thoughts are things. Things are thoughts. Everything we see, touch, and experience is pure thought at its source. They are moldable, able to be influenced, and able to be overridden by even stronger thoughts. Thoughts can do things, thoughts can travel, thoughts can influence, thoughts can change what happens in the physical world because after all, the world is made of thought.

If things are thoughts, then we can shift the weather with our thoughts, call in the rain, or send a storm away from us, ask the wind to subside or the cold to lift. We can mend bones, reduce a fever, remove a tumor, open eyesight, lift a depression, calm an anxiety, stabilize psychosis, and accomplish many other seemingly impossible feats of healing.

If the body is a collection of thoughts, then it is docile to influence and change by stronger thoughts. However, if the body is just a thing, then it is stuck with whatever goes wrong unless the correct medication is found to cure the symptoms.

What about prayer?

We now know that through many definitive studies that prayer does work to help people heal and recover from maladies and illnesses. Do prayers work because we petition to the Infinite Intelligence to help someone we love and care about? Perhaps. But maybe there is another reason that prayers work as well. Maybe it is intense, intended, focused, and downloaded thought that helps to heal, because it influences the thought that the body will return to its most ideal form. The person who is prayed for accepts the devotions, and they begin healing. But perhaps the Infinite Intelligence says, “Hey, you are capable of doing this yourself! I will watch and encourage you as you use the powerful thoughts I have provided you, to heal your body, mind and soul. You were created with these powers, and now it is time to use them.”

Thoughts are things and things are thoughts. Anything can be influenced by focused, clear, and persistent thoughts. There is nothing that is not a thought. We all have the freedom of will to download any thoughts we want. Enjoy your thoughts. Download beautiful ones that uplift you, and make you and others happy. After all, the thoughts you download are thoughts that, passing through you, alter reality in countless ways. You are not just a downloader. You are an alchemist, acting as a catalyst, shaping the world by focusing on the thoughts you choose to download.

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