September 14 - 18, 2020 - 8:00AM - 9:30PM EST

$44.44 / person

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EMpower ME! - Heal ME!

A trilogy. First, we supported you with a 2-day virtual symposium -

EMpower ME!

Now we support you with part two of the trilogy 

A 5-day virtual symposium - HEAL ME!
5 Days | Daily 15-minute morning meditations | Daily 15-minute lunch meditations | 5 evenings of workshops designed to empower you to heal your mind, body & spirit | a Mediumship Gallery Friday evening featuring 3 mediums. 

Schedule of Events
September 14 - 18, 2020
Begin each day with a 15-minute Morning Uplift meditation.
Take a 15-minute noon break with an Afternoon Shuffle meditation.
Monday Evening Workshop: (Stacy)

Turn Energy into Your Superpower

We are all energy and everybody and everything is a form of energy. When we want something, desire a purpose, look for love, and attract success we need to understand the energy that will bring it to us. Join me as we explore the Natural and Spiritual Laws that can help us heal, manifest and enjoy the life we want. Come and learn your Superpower and make your dreams reality.

Tuesday Evening Workshop (Cathy)

Your Energy Your Healing Power

We are all energy... everybody and everything is a form of energy. During this program we will explore the energy that exists within us, and learn to use it to help heal our physical bodies from the inside out. We will do this by providing instruction on how to do a self-Reiki session and how to incorporate crystals, and finally we will provide an introduction to archangelic light energy.

Wednesday Evening Workshop (Robyn)

The Soul’s Awakening

You are a soul. Your soul knows your past, present and future. Your soul knows how to communicate with you through your thoughts, dreams and feelings. By accessing your higher levels of consciousness, you can connect to your soul and begin to heal the root cause of your fears and blocks. You can receive guidance, giving you insight into your future. By connecting to your soul, you can create more love for yourself, bringing a greater inner peace and fulfillment to you. Join m as I guide you through different techniques to help you become one with your soul. Your soul is endless, infinite and timeless.

Thursday Evening Workshop (Cathy)

Energetic Cord Cutting Healing |
Healing Your Environment

We all have cord attachments to people, places and situations. We will discuss these in greater detail and how the negativity in life can effect these cords. Then discuss what can be done to heal these cords.

Both physically and spiritually clean environments are important to our overall well being. In this segment we will discuss various ways to clean your environment using a variety of tools.

Friday Evening Workshop (Robyn)

Soul-to-Soul – Communicating with Your Departed Loved Ones

By reconnecting and communicating with your departed loved ones you enable yourself to receive valuable and essential healing. It is your birthright to use your own natural ability to communicate and receive messages from your loved ones in spirit. This can be achieved by accessing your higher levels of consciousness through meditation and writing. Join me as I guide you to connect with your loved ones in spirit.

Mediumship Gallery with Robyn and Stacy

Connect with your departed loved ones for messages of love & healing, and proof that life is continuous. Love is everlasting.


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