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This in-person weekly mediumship circle will help the beginner understand, strengthen and unfold his abilities. Each Saturday will consist of various exercises

to act as a building block for a solid mediumistic foundation. Intermediate level mediums are invited to join us to work on strengthening connection to spirit.

Each week we will: Tap into your Clairs. Learn to blend with spirit.

Discuss Summerland (heaven) and what it is like. Learn how to structure a reading and build the evidence. We will practice remote viewing and psychometry which will help you to build a stronger link. And so much more…

When: Every Saturday. Beginning February 26

Time: 10:00AM to Noon
Place: Element Tree Essentials, 18 Wall Street, Asheville

Cost: $25/person (cash, Venmo & PayPal accepted)

Be sure to bring a notebook and pen.

We hope you can join us for this virtual event. During our time together, Robin Blakey, The Travelling Medium & Robyn Wolf, International Medium, will connect with your departed loved ones, offering closure for some, peace and healing for all.

Our departed loved ones are truly still with us, watching over and guiding us. Love lives on and never dies -- our essence, our spirit, and our love remain.

$25/person via or Venmo (@Robyn-Wolf-11) (profile pic is me and my pup). Please also register by emailing with the title "I WANNA SEAT."

Once you have registered and paid a Zoom Link will be sent your way!
We are looking forward to sharing this time with you and your departed loved ones!

Love is Truly Everlasting ♥